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blueCompact App

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Simple. Flexible. Smart.

blueCompact is the first locking system controlled via an app. This makes the configuration more individual, flexible and easier to carry out yourself - even retrospectively. After the installation, you have the lasting benefit of full control and overview of the entire locking system.

This makes blueCompact not only ideal for small homes, but also for smaller, forward-looking businesses. Discover even more reasons to choose electronic locking systems with the latest highlight from Winkhaus.

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Clever system with
smart control

Thanks to the simple operation via an app, the entire system can be managed extremely easily with maximum comfort. blueCompact is therefore the first system ever to enable you to carry out all processes, authorisations and changes via your smartphone or your tablet.

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React directly
to lost keys

Thanks to the management via an app, you can act right away if a key is lost and block it immediately. The disabled authorisations ensure that the key is practically worthless for the finder. If the key is found, it can be activated again in a matter of minutes.

Overview of all
locking events

The app provides a clear and precise overview of which key has been used to access which room at what time. This enables you to carry out comprehensive access control for your building. With blueCompact, you therefore have a constant overview of everything that happens on your doors.

Issue locking
authorisations remotely

blueCompact is well thought-out down to the smallest detail and also offers a solution for issuing locking authorisations remotely. You can leave a key with a neighbour, for example, who can use it in emergencies. For this to work, the permission must be sent to the key via an app to activate the key remotely.

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No Cloud storage

blueCompact does everything to ensure that your data is always protected. All the details of your locking system are not stored in a Cloud, but securely on the key itself. This ensures that nobody can access the information authorising them to open the door without your permission.

The entire system is really easy to learn

blueCompact fulfils all requirements for a user-friendly system. Even though this access control offers a wide range of functions, the operation and use is extremely easy to understand and intuitive to learn. A video tutorial concept guides you and explains each individual function step-by-step.

Expandable and
easy to install

blueCompact is made up entirely of perfectly coordinated components. The standard cylinder size makes it easier for you to carry out the installation on-site meaning that the system can be installed without technicians. If your building gets bigger, the expandable system grows with it – up to 99 keys and 25 cylinders are possible.

Creating and managing
time profiles

Creating time profiles enables you to react flexibly. You can configure the locking authorisations with individual times for each individual key depending on the requirements. This enables you to configure the days and times at which people can access selected rooms.

blueCompact in comparison

If you compare blueCompact with traditional mechanical locking systems, you will soon see that convenience and user-friendly operation go hand in hand with security and long-term cost-savings.

Mechanical locking system
Mechanical locking system blueCompact
Entry security
Access organisation
Cost-neutral changes in authorisation
Logging of locking events
Naming of doors and keys
Simple and direct access to instructions
Freedom in planning and a clear layout
Modern and innovative design
Remote authorisation and authorisation planning
Time profiles
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